the team

Antara Valli Madavane

Antara is interested in how research can be understood and applied to design interventions, as well as in content writing and editing. She is typically found hogging the whiteboard markers when the team is brainstorming or discussing the day’s agenda.

Jahnavi Amarnani

The proverbial cat who always lands on her feet and ensures the rest of the team follows suit, Jahnavi’s interests lie in aspects of visual development such as storyboarding, illustration, and animation, as well as prototyping digital platforms.

Manasi Vaidya

Promptly hailed a bus goddess by the rest of the team for her omniscient understanding of public transport, Manasi is interested in the development of tools for our participatory research methods and frameworks to test how our design interventions can improve the patient experience.

Preetham Gunalan

The team’s power needs are handled by Preetham, who is never without his trusty extension cord. Usually called upon to conduct workshops and translate for his knowledge of multiple languages, Preetham’s background is in storyboarding, visualising, and animating.

Ranjani Tavargeri

Involved in primary research and developing visual narratives, Ranjani’s skills also lie in illustration and acting. Constantly in demand for her ability to speak Kannada, the self-appointed studio monitor prods distracted team members to get them back on track.

Ridhima Bhutani

Ridhima’s abilities lie in interpreting and synthesizing research as well as using these insights to translate ideas into interventions. Happiest when updating endless team task lists, her enthusiasm about organising project folders on Google Drive occasionally borders on the absurd.

Vedika Kasat

Perpetually excited about brewing and sustaining everyone with her famed peach iced-tea, Vedika is also interested in creating research tools to engage with our target audience, developing visual identities, and experimenting with offbeat ideas.

Vibhav Singh

Envied for his multipurpose clothing that allows him to bring snacks for the entire team in his pockets, Vibhav’s abilities lie in illustration, animation, refining the visual language, and responding to all manner of software-related queries.